11 Best Conference Room Cameras in 2020

Although it could be totally appropriate to huddle around your laptop to Skype your Australian family or talk with the kids while you’re away on a business trip via FaceTime, not just any webcam will do when it comes to business conferences calling from the boardroom. You don’t want to have to hire the IT department’s support if the office in New York wants to speak to the London department.

The best cameras in the conference room should be realistic, easy to operate, and provide a vibrant viewing experience. That’s even more important if you share a video conference with a global audience, connecting simultaneously from multiple locations which are a popular feature with the more sophisticated webcams of the conference. Although you are more likely to interact with customers in the day-to-day business world through only your conference camera, they do have far wider applications. And whether you’re a blogger or a businessman who wants to stay in touch with your fans or clients, we ‘re here with our top-rated conference camera range to take out the pain and frustration for you.

Meeting Owl Pro – 360 Degree, 1080p Smart Video Conference Camera

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And Twit-twoo! That’s all we can think about this beauty next time. Is it a piece of modern sculptural furniture parading like an owl with a complete 360-degree head or is it one of the most innovative video conference cameras ever looked like? We’ll let you make up your mind! All we know is it looks good and matches the tests. It’s a conference camera that can automatically capture video and audio with a complete 360-degree vision for an up-close and personal view.

The setup is likewise a piece of cake. You simply plug-and-play the power into a USB and the one innovative and creative looking device has combined video and audio. The Meeting Owl Pro is compatible with all of your favorite web-based video conferencing apps and ensures they can be seen and heard irrespective of where anyone is seated in the house, even if they aren’t directly in front of the laptop screen. This unit is all about inclusiveness and ensuring all members are able to get in on the action of the virtual meeting.

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 for Business

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The next model is both highly functional and budget-friendly. Not everybody wants all bells and whistles singing and dancing and if you’re looking for an occasional webcam that delivers accurate, high-quality video with real widescreen 720HP video then this Microsoft LifeCam will be more than adequate. It really is the smart buyers’ option that reflects excellent value for money.

It can stream as well as capture video so that you can be sure of a clear image and, with the added benefit of a noise-canceling microphone, you can even reduce the awkward background noise for crystal clear audio. The uni-directional mic is built-in and you can conveniently use the Microsoft LifeCam in combination with your notebook, laptop, and desktop thanks to a common base mount. The 33fps video streams and the webcam are compatible with all Windows operating systems.

Logitech Conference Cam BCC950 Video Conference Webcam

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The first but you can rest assured it will not be our last review of the Logitech conference room camera. We take a look at their Conference Cam Bcc950 which gives you professional quality HD video with superior speakerphone sound and is perfect for conference situations in small groups. It combined a 78-degree view field with a remote-controlled 108-degree camera pan as well as a tilt and zoom feature and autofocus for razor-sharp images as well.

The all-in-one design is practical and comfortable and includes an integrated noise-canceling audio system with a duplex speaker and microphone. Even if leaders of the meeting are located 8-feet apart, they can still be clearly heard. The Logitech Conference Cam also features an omnidirectional mic so many conversations can be picked up at once. When a pair of headstrong team members are struggling to get their voice heard at once, we’ve all been there! It’s easy to operate with a remote control device as well as base burring controls, and even during your conference session you can mute, answer and hang up calls.

Logitech ConferenceCam

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Another top-rated Logitech Conference Video. This is their ConferenceCam Link model, and if you’re a fan of sleek and modern design then you’ll love the minimalist style of this tower. It’s a great choice for smaller community video conferencing situations and is filled with all the normal technology that Logitech would expect. The call if their all-in-one portable video conferencing solution and is certainly easy to carry.

It features a 1080p autofocus camera as well as options for tilt, zoom, and optical panning. Unlike several other versions we study, this comes with remote control as well. Too much company! Although the field of view itself is 90-degree, the audio is a complete 360-degree, and regardless of where a representative sits next to the microphone, their speech can be picked up and heard clearly. That’s due to the introduction of noise reduction and Omni-directional full duplex mics.

Logitech Group HD Video and Audio Conferencing System

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For larger group conference situations, Billed as the affordable solution, the Logitech Group HD video, and audio system will turn any room into a conference facility. Simply plug in a laptop with the full HD camera and speaker and you’re literally in business! Compatible with m most conferencing apps, this is an excellent recommendation with an easy-to-delay plug-and-play setup that requires no IT department assistance.

Certainly, it is not cheap but it is affordable despite its professional, advanced features. It is ideal for meeting rooms and groups of mid to large size and can offer a 90-degree field of vision with a 20-feet audio range accompanying them. It is tailored for groups of up to fourteen participants. It comes with four integrated omnidirectional mics as well as advanced noise reduction with a full-duplex speakerphone. It is also easily compatible with both Mac and PC, and works with most systems for cloud computing, UC, and video conferencing.

Logitech BRIO – Ultra HD Webcam for Video Conferencing

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Logitech is promoting its Brio Ultra HD conference webcam as the biggest, sharper, and fastest webcam built to suit your home, work, and play needs. That we do not disagree with! This is the natural next stage of humble webcam creation, bringing it to the dizzy 4k resolution realms. It sure has inspired us all. There’s a more technologically advanced webcam and it not only delivers spectacular 4k HD but also features RightLight 3 automatic light correction for the best quality recording, streaming, and calls possible.

Not only that, but it’s also fitted with infrared technology for safe and secured login to provide facial recognition technology. There is a 5X zoom that ensures that you can really get up close and personal on all the specifics and you can use three different angle shots – 65, 78, or a wider 90 degree. It is a company accredited and is compliant with apps including Skype and Windows Hello and many more. Despite its overall outstanding results, it is reasonably priced and if your goal is to look good on video, the Brio definitely won’t let you down.

Microsoft LifeCam Studio for Business

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LifeCam Studio For Business is another one from the more affordable business end of the Logitech list, but it is seriously impressive therefore why in today’s top-rated conference camera review we have named it our Best Value recommendations. It steps things up a notch that provides power and efficiency, which is perfect for small businesses. Not only is it designed to last with a sturdy aluminum cast frame, but it is also packed with features that you will appreciate.

Look at this just for a start. It comes with a 1080p HD widescreen sensor for razor-sharp image quality and is slick and professional looking. It features sophisticated optics that offer accurate and transparent, auto-focusing images, which is combined every time with True Color technology for vibrant, bright which vivid colors.

Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

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Yes, we do know that. It’s another Logitech product but let’s face it, they just do so well with video conferencing devices and this next recommendation, the C922x HD Pro Webcam comes in at less than $100 and is packed with all the new advanced tech. It provides true-life HD, vivid 1080p HD at 30 Fps, or 720p at 60 Fps, both streaming and video. With any context you can incorporate your live video, replacing your office’s dreary backdrop with something more glamorous if the fancy takes you along! It’s fitted with a premium quality lens that delivers sharp, consistent razor video and premium autofocus features. It adapts beautifully to different lighting conditions, including dimly illuminated ones.

There are two built-in microphones, audio-wise, that capture sound in rich Stereo audio. They feature omnidirectional senses that can even pick up your voice even though you’re not in front of your computer directly. It is up to Windows 7 or higher and works with Chrome and Android as well. Literally, all you need to get your conference broadcast started is a USB port. The Logitech C922x Pro Steam is a business winner for high-quality, professional-looking fast, clear, and reliable gameplay.

Logitech MeetUp HD Video and Audio Conferencing

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If you can only spend a minute over the amount, and you have the capital to invest, then this is really a great option. Only this is the Logitech MeetUp HD framework for video and audio conferencing. A fully-fledged device, and it is the most sophisticated web camera you’ll get your hands on at the moment. What separates this camera from the competition is the incredible field of vision spanning 120 degrees means you can catch a wide arc and almost most people sitting around your table in the boardroom!

The built-in audio system is also impressive with 3 microphones as well as a customer tuned speaker that will offer your conversation’s ultra-clear audio, regardless of room conditions. The Logitech MeetUp can also be used as a speakerphone with its sleek and elegant, intelligent nature, and can communicate with other Bluetooth devices. All in all, this is Logitech ‘s flagship offering and maybe just what your business is looking for.

Logitech PTZ PRO 2 Video Camera for Conference Rooms

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Our Logitech finished product range today is their PTZ Pro 2 Video Conference Camera. If you want to enjoy the high-quality video with transparent and bright color renditions and a camera lens allowing for zooming and auto-focusing, then this is a great choice. You have the full versatility to set up and customize your PTZ for pretty much every conference room scenario. It comes with mounting hardware and separate tripod gauge so that you can adjust the position and location to your environment.

The PTZ camera features preset that allows you to zoom in, pan, map, and make transitions simply by pressing a button. When accessible plug-and-play USB technology is also available for effortless setup, and is approved for Skype business among others. It is pretty much compatible with any program which can detect a webcam ‘s presence.

Genius 120-degree Ultra Wide Angle Full HD Conference Webcam

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We ‘re finishing the analysis on the best conference room cameras today with another cost-effective option that will allow you to keep in contact with colleagues without blowing all the tech budget in one go. The great news about the Brilliant 120-degree webcam is that it gives you access to complete HD1080p video recording and up to 30fps streaming. It also has an integrated stereo microphone and is equipped with a wide field of vision lens of 120 degrees. It is useful for simple video chatting and for enhancing your conference calling facilities. It’s also easily supplied with a USB extension cable that can extend your webcam’s workable reach by up to three meters.

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Buying Guide for Conference Room Camera

Brand – When it comes to a technological category such as video conferencing cameras, sticking to tried and trusted brands are by far your best bet. There might well be a few little-known companies out there flying the independence banner and doing a great job of it too, and if there’s one, they’ll make it on our list.

Price – There is such a wide variety of price points when it comes to Conference Cameras, and anyone who is a freelancer or a one-man band is unlikely to have the same budget available to invest in the latest equipment as a blue-chip corporation or business looking to update their house conference systems. That’s why our detailed guide includes a wide variety of items and price points to cater to everyone, big and small, pockets.

Quality – Above all, alongside reliability and longevity, consistency is the most important aspect you need to remember. Consumer reviews provide an essential resource to gauge your likely experience of owning and operating one of the top-rated conference cameras that’s made it on our list. We encourage us to analyze the customer experience deeply and provide useful insight.

Final Thoughts

Don’t worry, these cameras have been handpicked to meet the specifications of most meeting rooms at the workplace and are used by a number of businesses. They were introduced into the list with their reliability and exceptional outputs. The technology is developing rapidly, naturally, and new developments are being made every day. However, we use 3 of them in our own offices on this list.

This list displays just the webcam that won’t easily be overshadowed by potential inventions. Some of those are heavy-duty and power-packed with apps that will instigate them for a long time among the new webcams. The economic dimension of these cameras makes them viable in the online market for the majority of the population.

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