9 Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks You Need

Wedding photography tips :

A wedding is one of the most precious days of life for a couple. If you’re a wedding photographer, then it’s your responsibility to capture the best and the most perfect moments and create a great memory for the couples and their families.

A wedding is the most precious day not only for the bride and the groom but for the entire family and close friends who wait for the weddings of their loved ones. We all want to capture every moment and every single detail of the day to cherish it for a lifetime. Here are some amazing photography tips for anyone who wants to capture a good picture of their own wedding or someone else’s! Use these tips to get the most charismatic pictures!

Pre-plan the shoot

Pre-wedding shoot

This is the most important part of wedding photography. Be it the photographer or the one who’s pictures are to be taken, plan the entire shoot first. Starting from the poses, background, lens requirements, makeup, accessories, and all the small details so that you don’t mess up or miss out on anything on the main day.
As a photographer plan the instructions which the bride and the groom will follow so as to get the best shot.

Capture the reactions

All weddings are filled with lots of reactions and emotions. Click the amazing reactions of the audience, capture all the candid moments.
The look on the groom when he sees the bride, the reactions of the bride’s family and the wow moments of the audience. Ask your assistant to capture as many moments and reactions he can swiftly!
All the closed ones are enjoying the couple’s wedding and these reactions deserve to get captured.

Use flash only when needed

Do not use the flash everywhere. It is necessary to use the flash when the wedding is in a closed hall. Adjust the exposure correctly and focus well before using the flash.
If the wedding is outside during the day, let the natural light and brightness do the work for flash. Pictures in natural light are so far the best.

Capture all the “first” moments

It’s the brides and groom’s most special day of their life, ask them if they want to capture any specific moment. Capture their first dance, photos of the bride and groom’s entry should be taken in all angles
put the camera on high shutter speed and take multiple photos, so you have a choice of selecting the best ones among the many. Plan the first moments so that you can take the best shots in the correct order.

Capture the smiles

Weddings are filled with happiness. Around every corner, you will find people smiling, laughing or talking. Capture the smiles around the place a kid smiling, some children playing around, people whispering about any special moment, laughter from a corner, and other lively events. You should add these strings to the wedding album.

Drone photography!

Use this new popular technique of capturing pictures from high above. There are many procedures and rules and regulations involved in using the drone for photography at weddings.
This is the best way to take videos and images of the entire place and the wedding. It’s hard to capture pictures that cover the huge wedding places but with drones, you can easily do that. Some drones offer 4K video and very high-resolution images.


This is the most essential thing at weddings. With the perfect kind of lighting you will be able to capture the best quality pictures. The lighting at the wedding place is dark inside as compared to the outside area. You need to adjust the exposure and brightness by carrying lighting setups. Use lenses with a fast aperture to get the most light out of the scene.
Natural light is a great way to illuminate your subject but if it is dark inside Speedlites will help you fill in dark areas, and freeze motion when people are dancing! You can also use Off-camera flash lighting for your wedding photography. They can work with a Through-The-Lens (TTL) metering system.
You can also use Reflectors they are super useful for portraiture and wedding photography. They are super cool because they don’t need batteries or cables and they can be folded easily.
They are inexpensive too and can have dramatic effects on your photography. Basically, they bounce and re-direct light back into the scene. Manage the lighting properly with the help of all these tips to capture the perfect pictures of the event!

Family, friends, guests, small details

It is very important to pay attention to the family of both the bride and groom, their friends, guests, and every other detail.
Weddings are a once in a lifetime thing where the birds and the groom focus on themselves and hence want every little detail to catch on later. Make sure you capture many pictures of the bride and groom with all the people who are a part of their special event. Capture people’s arrival, reactions, smiles, talk with the bride and groom and all the small details which are worth remembering.

Plan and consider your background

Plan and keep what kind of background you need for the perfect picture of the couple only or that couple with their family and all the other guests. You have to take innumerable pictures of the couple and the background should be perfect and dreamy, plan out which kind of background will help you capture beautiful and dreamy pictures of the wedding.

Anyone can use these small tips and tricks but essential ones to capture the best moments of any wedding or special events. Take an assistant with you and carry many accessories such as lenses, lighting to be well accommodated for any kind of picture and situation. Make sure you capture all the emotions around as weddings are filled with mixed emotions which are with cherishing for a lifetime. With these tips and tricks, you can capture someone’s best day of life in the most perfect way!

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