Creative And Unique Wedding Invites

Inviting your family members, friends, colleagues, and people you know the most is the first step of the wedding. The way you pen your message inviting people dear to you matters the most. The next step is to select the relevant invitation card and format of posting your invite. Digital invites are trending right now. WhatsApp invites are popular among them.

Digital invites are opted by many and are eco-friendly as well.

Digital wedding invites minimize the use of paper and plastic. Going digital conserves necessary time and energy spent on distributing the invitation cards and digital wedding invites have a creative edge to them. Whatsapp invites are light on your pocket and are easy to send and share.
Seed paper invites are a new addition to the section of wedding invites, and they are now trending. Seed paper invites are biodegradable paper, embedded with seeds and can be planted into the soil later.

Wedding invites are designed respectively to the location of the wedding.

Say, for example, you are planning a destination wedding at the beach, a beach theme invite goes well. You can add eye-catching starfish, cutesy shells, bottles that reflect the beach theme to your invite. You can also design your invites with Nautical theme and add seahorses to it.

Here are some sites to check out for designing your invites.

1] Perfect Invites.
2] Studio Works Co.
3] The Murphy Studio.
4] Happy Inviting.
5] Swinging Tales.

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