Sangeet and Mehendi Ceremony – Fun Things to Kick Start your Wedding

The wedding is one of the sweetest memories of each couple being caressed, loved, and remembered. Some endless ceremonies and rituals set the tone for the actual wedding day and these ceremonies are just as exciting and fun. Two ceremonies expected by every bride, her relatives, and close family members–Mehendi and the sangeet ceremony. We make plans to make these very special and unique rituals so that memories of this day are forever cherished. We’re giving you a few well-cured ideas here that can help you kick-start these ceremonies making it a positive experience for all concerned.

Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet Ceremony

It’s another famous pre-wedding feature enjoyed to the fullest by both the bride and the bride’s hand. Professional choreographer services are obtained and productions are scheduled and rehearsed. Not only soon to be a wedded couple but also their friends and family members plan to perform well in advance. These are fun and interesting performances which give the wedding a lot of excitement and cheer.

Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi Ceremony

It is one of the pre-wedding ceremonies where the bride gets applied henna to her feet and hands. It’s a role no one would want to skip. An experienced Mehendi artist is called to do what’s needed and the bride sits together for hours to get elaborate henna designs applied to her hands and legs. Since this event can be compared to a kind of Bridal shower, to make it extra enjoyable, a few fun elements can be added to it.

Significance of Mehndi in Indian Marriages

Indian marriages are known for their multitude of rituals. In addition, in the various rituals associated with a special celebration, the elegance of Indian weddings emerges. No dance, music and much laughter Indian weddings are incomplete. In fact, Indian weddings aren’t a one-day affair. Pre-wedding ceremonies start before the wedding and can be a week-long celebration at times.

One of the most famous is the bridal mehndi ritual, among the many rituals that are incorporated into Indian weddings. This is the day when mehndi is added to the bride’s hands and feet, and even to the groom. While the bride does have a very intricate pattern on her hands and feet, the bride usually only has a token design. Mehndi is a very important part of Indian Hindu as well as Muslim weddings. In addition, applying mehndi designs during any celebration in India is a tradition, whether it be Karva Chauth, Teej, Diwali, Ramadan or any other festival.

How to make your Mehndi Function Memorable?

For both men and women, marriage is an important milestone in life. The Indian groom and bride’s families want to make the affair memorable and leave no stone unturned for the same thing. In India, a number of customs exist before the D-Day. One such ceremony, particularly for the bride, is the Mehndi Ceremony which is a significant one. It’s connected to fun, laughter, music, and color. Organizing a mehndi function can be a tiring task, but it is easy to conceptualize and execute the function for event managers. Some of the most useful ideas the experts can offer to make the event a memorable one. From here you can employ such an expert team.

Decoration Venue

This is the first move and it is not possible to take it lightly. Many people organize the activity in their homes while others choose an outdoor venue for a banquet, hotel or farm. The location reservation should be done in advance to prevent a last-minute rush.

Excellent Mehndi Designs

The fun quotient of the activity will be amiss without mehndi experts being present, as they make the mehndi event meaningful and joyful.


Music and dance are Indian weddings’ two pillars. The same at the Mehndi function can be arranged to add loads of fun to the event. Arranging the Mehndi Sangeet equipment will make the event a very enjoyable one. The hosts and guests present at the ceremony will sing Folk songs. The presence of all guests in the project renders the experience extremely pleasurable.


How to make both pre-wedding ceremonies and have more fun?

  • By extending invitations only to close friends and relatives who are really close to you, you can make both ceremonies extra special.
  • While the Mehendi ceremony is taking place, you can plan a few fun and interesting wedding-related games to enjoy loads of laughter and lighter moments.
  • Look for Mehendi artists who not only apply amazing mehndi to the bride’s hands and legs but are also available at a very reasonable cost for relatives and friends to apply Mehendi on their hands.
  • To make it interesting, keep the menu basic and add a lot of chaats and kebabs. With such ceremonies, finger foods go perfectly well.
  • For a sangeet ceremony, schedule something everyone would enjoy. Parents and relatives should plan a short skit where they can see their children grow up to the day their partners are chosen to get married.
  • You can have performances of the bride side and groom side dance with each side challenging the other. This fun and healthy rivalry would definitely bring a lot of fun and excitement to the ceremony.
  • Friends should train their beloved friend for a well-choreographed dance-bride, groom or both.
  • Have a professional photographer shot the entire event so you have plenty of memories of this perfect day to be remembered forever?
  • If the weather is good, choose an outdoor venue that will give you plenty of room to plan grand dance shows.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you make the Mehendi and sangeet ceremony more enjoyable for everyone, including the couple who will soon be betrothed.

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