The Best 10 Home Security Cameras in 2020

Despite what the media seems to think, even though the world is getting much safer, that doesn’t mean we can become complacent about home security. Fortunately, technology has advanced far enough to keep us from sitting on our porches with a shotgun and surly frowning to scare away people. Instead, the tiny surveillance cameras that are discreet, weatherproof and that can be accessed remotely have made thousands of people feel safer at home. When you want to feel assured about getting the best security in your house, then you need the best surveillance cameras, and the good news is that we have just the list for you to find the right items to ensure you are still watching.

Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera

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You need a sharp, reliable, robust, and easy-to-install camera for your complete home security. With Cloud Storage, you are in a position to ensure that your system and compound are controlled 24 hours a day, enabling you to have complete peace of mind wherever you are. It is capable of providing you with a recording and viewing of your surroundings, up to 1080 pixels in daytime HD video and after dark infrared HD view. With its customizable motion detection system, you can use activity zones to choose where movement is detected and get the necessary alerts created by it.

Together with your mobile devices such as tablets or Android / iOS cell phones, the Blink app lets you have a two-way conversation with guests. This system allows you the opportunity to store hundreds of clips for as long as 1 year without the client needing to pay any extra fees. What’s more, this appliance is compatible with Alexa. You can view live streams, motion clips, and use Alexa powered apps to arm or disarm your machine. Overall, this security camera is easy to set up and does not require high experience or the installation of a lot of cables and wires. It is powered by two lithium AA batteries, which last for up to two years.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD security camera

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The All-New Ring Stick Up HD Security Camera is your modern way to keep watch over your property and valuables in the most efficient way at the least possible cost. It detects all motion, views, and records according to your settings and preferences, inside and outside of your home, and as it is a wireless device, it can be fixed anywhere and will sit on any table or platform. What’s more, it can also be placed onto any wall or pillar within the range area and the motion zone helps you change its coverage area to get just the right setting for your home. However, the ring security feature will check what you may have overlooked and while working in tune with Alexa, you can provide hands-free monitoring of your entire home environment.

You will always know when someone comes into your surroundings using the echo device that prompts you instantly if there is the slightest movement. Additionally, the features of the Echo-Show and Echo-Spot offer you the ability to see, hear, and talk to anyone on your camera using your smart device. And that’s not all; at any time when you’re away, the Ring app will check what’s going on in your house. You can attach pretty much individual or multiple Stick Ups to all of your Ring devices found in the Ring app. Finally, we can not fail to note that this camera is weather-resistant and can withstand temperatures as high as -20 degrees and 50 degrees centigrade.

Arlo Pro – Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren

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Using the Arlo Technologies Pro Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren keeps a close eye on both the individuals and the valuables you love. This flexible security camera system can be programmed to view indoors and out, day and night, from all angles. It provides cloud HD video recordings as well as movement and sound-activated warnings and enables quick contact with a two-way audio system. The 100 + decibel siren feature can be remotely operated and offers an unmistakable warning to attract your attention if there is some motion or sound of concern, such as those originating from suspects or circumstances of distress.

This security camera device is ready to accept USB storage for backup if you need to support your digital data. It is very quick and easy to mount and can be done without cords or wiring systems – what’s more, it can stand up to snow, rain, or heat. All you need to get these awesome features from Arlo Pro Wireless is a high-speed internet link upstream of at least 1MB / s, a port available on your router as well as a power adapter and cable compatible to Arlo Pro. The kit is powered by a rechargeable battery device, which needs a very short time to completely charge.

Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Indoor Smart Home Camera

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The Wyze Cam Pan was created as a true lifesaver with the mission to make high-quality, easy-to-use, and affordable smart home cameras accessible to all. The camera itself comes in an elegant, compact package, and simply stating the target was accomplished is an understatement. Starting off is the fact that the handy Wyze app helps you to access and monitor your Wyze cam pan. Its really cool because it includes features such as the Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) that allow you to see every single angle of your space. This software goes a long way toward making surveillance much simpler and more effective by giving you a 360o coverage on your smartphone anytime you want.

The real-time feature on this camera is even better, yes, you can stream live from anywhere, and even in full HD. All you need is your mobile device to enjoy the view. You can also record your space continuously with a slot for a MicroSD card, without worrying about it in the world. The fact that the Wyze cam pan is compatible with a wide variety of devices is even better; whether it is an android or an iOS, you ‘re safe.

Arlo Q – Wired, 1080p HD Security Camera

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Our first choice for the best surveillance camera on the market is the reliable and highly capable Arlo Q Technologies. This little camera comes in the regular pack at an affordable price of under $100 and has proven to be an ideal option for those looking to keep intruders away from inside their house. You can hear and be heard with a two-way audio app, allowing you the ability to warn someone who isn’t supposed to be there that you know exactly what they are up to, while night vision video guarantees 24-hour security.

By design, it comes with a 1080p video, which we’re sure is the very minimum resolution you ‘d expect for most of you. Also compatible with Alexa is this smart home device which makes it easy to function as soon as you walk in the door. Besides this, there is also motion sensor technology, monitoring of the activity zone for the areas of the home that you feel are most at risk. The Arlo Q has a 130-degree field of vision to catch any movement at every corner to ensure the widest possible angle.

Blink XT Home Security Camera System

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The Blink XT Home Security Camera System Provide safety both indoors and outdoors thanks to a weatherproof shell that guarantees total stability in the darkest, most windy, and most violent storms, so you can see all the horror from the comfort of your house. Nonetheless, it’s more than a simple reminder of rudimentary mortality. It’s also useful to keep your home safe from intruders, traveling salesmen, and will alert you a little when the in-laws make an unannounced visit.

The built-in motion sensor works to warn you when someone – friend or foe – gets too near, while whodunnit’s HD video recording ensures that you get the clearest image if something was done at all. Such portable surveillance cameras often last long, with one charge providing battery life for as much as two years. Apart from stopping you from having to recharge the battery every few months, it also ensures that you can catch anything you can possibly upload to the free cloud storage.

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam

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This security camera system is a complete package in providing instant, shocking blinding light, as well as catching exactly who’s standing there, bathing them in the light of the shame and frustration we’ve already come to expect while keeping your home – and by proxy, some of the neighbors who would probably get you a bottle of wine or something – secure from weirdos, scammers, and general scuba.

It is compatible with Alexa voice commands and has a two-way audio system – so you can use your cheesy one-liners – to provide you with the most power you can imagine, while the 1080p video quality gives you a clear video picture, so you can easily tell if it’s grandma or some escaped convict who stalks up and down your driveway. To give them (the disadvantages, not grandma) even more of a shock, the Ring Floodlight Cam will not only shower them with the wrong kind of Biblical light but will also invade their ears with a siren that will surely get them out of there faster than a face-to-face intruder with a naked man armed with an axis, determined to protect his property.

YI 1080p Smart Home Camera

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This YI Home Camera is a sleek and discreet model that fits comfortably and modestly in any office, home, or nursery environment. It is lightweight and delivers real-time updates through the YI Home App, keeping you in the loop forever if you’ve stepped out to do some yard work or enjoy a well-deserved holiday sipping a cold brew or fancy cocktail on golden shores.

It may have the very best night vision out of all the picks we’ve selected, which is its main selling point. Using 8 individual 940 nm infrared LEDs, it records, like nothing else, low-light and nighttime pictures – aside maybe from the military’s one. When you live somewhere with few streetlamps or areas of the country where the city is too sluggish to fix light sources, this is vital to have the highest level of protection as well as peace of mind, what is the real intention of these home surveillance cameras?

Arlo Pro 2 – Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren

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Arlo Technologies 2 Home Security Camera System is our pick for the coveted Premium Option of Best Security Cameras. Unlike the Arlo Q, it offers wireless networking, which means it can be used both indoors and outdoors and provides complete coverage around the home, the neighborhood, and beyond, but that’s not something we think you’ll have to do.

With the standard 1080p video resolution, as well as a fixed 2-foot focus range all the way to infinity – something you might have to see yourself to believe in, you get something that’s almost unrivaled in the security camera industry. In addition to this, it is compatible with Alexa, has long-lasting, and even solar-powered batteries, as well as an array of Arlo Smart extras that improve your home security control and trust.

CANARY: View Indoor Security Camera 1080p HD Wide-Angle Lens

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If you’re looking for an affordable, smart security system at a great price, then the Canary View Indoor HD Security Camera is something you should definitely look into. This full-color 1080p video recorder provides a fantastic – if somewhat small – a kit that can alleviate sleepless nights at the very least and catch everything before a catastrophe hits. Not that we are trying to scare you or something.

Compatible with Alexa and with the ability to disregard moving parts of the building, such as the ceiling fan, at least you have some options for configuration and power. In addition, the one-touch emergency services warning is an excellent feature that we hope you will never need to use. There are also privacy and night modes that make sure the camera doesn’t catch any private moments (wink wink).

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Security Camera Buying Guide

Before you buy the best home surveillance camera on the market, first you have to be conscious of what to look for in one that will make it the best for you.

Resolution – High resolution means you are getting more crisper and clearer images. It is vital for detecting parts of intruders that could bypass lower resolution cameras, or even having every detail available if your kid breaks anything in the building, but you’re initially unsure how. Plus, we have reached the point where something under 720p at least makes our skin crawl.

Night Vision – Crime and trouble in fact do not end when the sun goes down, quite the contrary. A night vision fitted camera ensures you are safe 24 hours a day.

Recording Capacity – Higher power to film means you can film more videos. These safety cameras come either with the ability to store footage on an SD card or on the cloud. The cloud will provide a 7-14-day rolling recording, while any footage on an SD card will have to be deleted manually. It’s down to tastes.

Remote Access – You can’t always be at home so remote access is important to alert you in real-time to what’s going on in and around your house. As long as you have a link, you’re going to be able to keep up-to-date with any movement or suspicious activities, even if it’s as innocent as a squirrel walking through the grass. This peace of mind is important, particularly for a long time, when away from home.

Wired Or Wireless – A wireless camera provides you with more options around the house but also ensures that intruders can move them quickly and even cover them. In comparison, wired cameras aren’t as waterproof, so you lack shooting options outside of them. Both have benefits and drawbacks, and you decide once again what is right for you.

Pan and Tilt – Not in the form of dramatic cinematic climax, but in more of a way of ‘capturing as much of the areas as possible.’ Pan, tilt, and even zoom options are great advanced features to give you the extra degree of control if your home camera does not have a large viewing angle or if you don’t have many cameras mounted in one place.

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