The Complete Guide for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding is what every couple desires. An outdoor wedding is a beautiful place where they can enjoy your wedding ceremony. Who doesn’t want to get married at the location they love? A wedding day is a special day for every couple. In an outdoor wedding, you can choose any destination like a temple, beach, gardens, fields, etc.

The best part of this wedding is that you don’t have to worry about the catering system, cutlery, spoon, etc. You and your family can enjoy your wedding day comfortably. The outdoor wedding provides peace and happiness because it is so spacious and airy that you will feel fresh and comfortable there.

Make your wedding day like a dream for others by adding some exciting elements. In this article, we will discuss all the perks of an outdoor wedding and why you should opt for an outdoor wedding.

How to plan an outdoor wedding?

Here are a few tips that you must follow if you are planning for an outdoor wedding.

Make sure that you have enough time

If you want your day to be the most memorable and exciting one and plan it outdoors, make sure that you have enough time to plan everything. Don’t do anything in a hurry because it can mess up everything, and if anything left unprepared then, it will make your wedding decoration look incomplete. Don’t let this happen and start preparation at least 5-6 months ago.

Also, you should decide the destination much earlier. Otherwise, it may create a problem if you change the place at the last moment. If the site is far away from your house, then get your tickets before time. In this way, you will get enough time to prepare for your wedding day.

Take your friends with you

If you think that you can do everything alone, then this is the worst idea ever. Because without the assistance of your family and friends, you are likely to mess up everything. Always take them with you to plan that day and also ask them about their review.

Although a couple decides the wedding’s destination, if you do not have any idea, you can ask and discuss it with your family. Your wedding will be incomplete without your friends and family because they are the ones who will be happy and will also help in your need.

Choose Nature

Although, the destination whichever you may have chosen will be the best but also try to opt for the place with natural surroundings. Imagine how beautiful it will be to marry the person of your dream, on the beach or garden, along with flowing water and breeze. Try to choose a place that will add memories and make it a memorable day.

Prepare for Lights

If you are planning your wedding in a garden or fields, then make sure your venue has enough lightings because lightings are the one that makes your photo more beautiful and generic. 

Also, if your place has a DJ system or any other medium for the music, make sure you have enough power. It would be very embarrassing if you faced power cuts in the middle of your wedding celebration, so be ready with a power back up.

Don’t Stall:

During the wedding, everyone is dancing, and music is playing out loud. But suddenly, you realized there is no arrangement for the bathroom. It can be embarrassing and can make a wrong impression of yours. But you can save yourself by taking a restroom for rent.

If you have a budget, then you can also rent some fancy bathrooms and restrooms. It will be awe-inspiring to come equipped with amenities such as music, countertops, and floral arrangements. 

Get Rid of Pests:

Ask an exterminator to spray pest control or other chemicals in advance so that pests or flies do not surround you on your wedding day. Mosquitos and flies can even irritate your guests, and it can lower the level of your celebration and make a wrong impression as well. So make sure to spray in advance or keep candles on tables to keep the bugs away.

Keep a look at the weather:

The main advantage and also downside is that mother nature rules outdoors. Whether you are looking for formal or casual, renting tents is easy. But make sure to have all the necessary things if the climate changes suddenly. If you are planning to wed during summer, then install ACs for the guests. If you are planning for winter, then make sure the place is warm and comfortable. You can also use propane heaters for this purpose.

Outdoor Wedding

30 Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Here are some of the wedding ideas to help you:

Truck Bed Décor

Outdoor destination means a spacious area where you can increase your creativity and create everything in your way. Think of a way to make your wedding different by implementing the ideas that you cannot do indoors like a truck fully decorated with flowers. It is indeed a different idea.

String Lights

Street light can make any wedding look cozier and unique, even if it’s a DJ or dance floor. These lights will rock your wedding day when the sun sets, and guests will start dancing on the floor.

Outdoor Tea and Coffee

Even if you are outdoor, you can make your guests feel like they are at home by arranging a delightful table of coffee and tea. It is so affordable and unique that it will make your wedding different than others.

Haystack Seating

Forget about the tedious tradition of sitting on chairs and sofas. Plan your outdoor wedding by creating a quilt and hay. On top of the grass, you can keep the quilt, and enjoy a different seating area.

Repurposed Window signs

Think beyond the limit and get yourself wood and make something with it. Set it using glass window frames for the canvas for your seating, or even to display off meaningful quotes. Fixate the display between trees for the perfect outdoorsy effect.

Wood Backdrop

There’s no other way to make your backdrop one with the outdoors than with some gorgeous foliage. This excellent arrangement by The Arrangement Company instantly dresses up the wood base for the ideal wedding vibe.

Outdoor Photo Station

Arrange a place for getting photo shoots. You can get pictures clicked with various themes, chalkboards, and flowers, etc.

Tree Trunk Photo Display

If you want a photo-shoot, and also maintain your budget, then you can use nature as background and get pictures clicked with tree trunks, flowers, and surroundings.

Outdoor Barrel Decor

You can modify and give a new look to your sitting arrangement. Use flowers stand and other decorative items.

Outdoor Wedding Arch

The most memorable moment of the wedding is when you take woes, so the place where you make this moment should be attractive and eye-catching. The arch should be decorated with flowers, lights, and leaves elegantly.

Outdoor Wedding Cake Display

In every celebration the essential component is cake, and a wedding is the best celebration of life. The wedding cake should be beautiful and well garnished to make your day memorable.

Outdoor Wedding Lounge

You can’t get anything more suitable than the beautiful outdoor wedding lounge at your favorite place.

Outdoor Wedding Reception

How about a beautiful garland in your reception area with some picnic tables to make your reception more happening.

Outdoor Wedding Photos

Photos are the essential things, which keep memory safe for your memorable day. Don’t forget to snap beautiful and attractive pictures from there.

Rustic Welcome

At your venue entrance, hang a beautiful welcome board for your lovely guests, and don’t forget to snap a beautiful picture from there.

Hillside ceremony

None of the places can be more suitable than this, and this place is more romantic for your wedding venue.

Bridal Party Portraits

Your venue can have a charming old bridge, like the one at Saddle Rock Ranch. You can also take advantage of the spring weather and snap a few shots of the bridesmaids and groomsmen in the great outdoors. 


Imagine the beautiful lightning everywhere in your wedding area, to make the wedding night shinier.


To present a good impression, provide Parasols to the guests to protect themselves from scorching heat or shelter themselves from a shower of rain.

Wooden Menu:

A pastoral sign against a tree will make an excellent menu for the al fresco dining.

Simple Centerpieces:

Keep some bunch of flowers in a vessel of varying heights as it represents excellence for dining lovers.

Rustic Arch:

It is an arch outdoor wedding calls for a ceremony as it is made from wood.

Aisle Decor:

You can use the tree stumps for floral decorations, which look great for the guests.

Rustic Wall display:

Mason jar designs will seem like works of art when mounted on the outside of the venue.

Outdoor wedding Ladder Decor:

It is a ladder decor that looks great as a display for Mr. and Mrs. Newly weds.

Choose a seat sign:

You can use this seat sign for a welcoming guest. If you don’t know where to put it, then just hang it on the fence.

Wood Slice Table number:

The wood slice on the table holds the table number that looks like a stylish touch to tabletops.

Window Frame Seating Chart:

We are using the window frame here for a seating chart.

Hashtag sign:

It is a cool way to use hashtags for a warm-weather wedding. Guests would love this hashtag.

Rustic wedding cake:

Flowers will add an exciting look for this wedding cake.

Outdoor wedding Logistics:

Focal Point

A focal point is an area where you can get your guests for refreshments. You must remember the house party where people used to unite. As you are planning for an outdoor wedding, then decide your venue’s focal point. This focal point will gather your guests together at an end.


Ensure that your venue has all accessibility for your guests, especially for those who are elder or disabled. Also, make some signage over there so that guests can reach the destination quickly.

Weather and Temperature

Time is an essential thing for your outdoor wedding. If the climate and temperature are moderate, then it can make your wedding event best. But if it is not favorable, then it can create a problem for you as it can destroy your decoration and everything. So make sure before you arrange anything at your venue. It must be perfect weather and temperature so that you can enjoy your wedding perfectly.

Movement of Decor:

Make sure to plan everything starting from pre-ceremony to post-reception. Think about the complete time frame of the wedding and plan everything so that there is no hindrance during the marriage ceremony. First, think about where you want to keep the tables, chairs, and decor items because once you fixed the chair in a place, you can not replace it again. If there is less movement of furniture and decor, it would be better.


After you plan for a wedding, don’t forget to research permits regarding the selected beach or palace for the wedding so that you might get it clear regarding the location of the wedding. And also ask about policies regarding music, dance, alcohol, fees, and timing of rentals.

Scout the venue:

Make sure to walk-in for the selected venue before arranging out for the decors so that you might get a clear idea about the location, and also saves time by arranging the particular decor. You should also plan for winds, insects, heat, weather, and much more to get a better idea and make it accessible for the guests. 

Wedding cake:

Wedding cakes are a fantastic treat for the couples, but keep in mind the weather and humidity. As many people will buy a wedding cake, so make sure to take some necessary precautions. Don’t spoil this treat as it is an exciting one, so make them a lovely gift for the couples. A tent or a shady tree will be the best option to cut a cake.

Outdoor wedding woes: 

An outdoor wedding is somewhat expensive as you have to take care of all the cost factors like toilet rental, shuttle bus, electric generators, and tent rental. Most of the wedding destinations will provide you some packages with a discount price and offers.

In case of an outdoor wedding, you have to deal with all the fields you need for a wedding. For instance, consider a dream wedding on a white sand beach as it seems excellent. But when you catch strong winds, crashing waves with the surrounding noise, your guests will not be able to hear your weddings, and there is nothing worse than not able to understand what is being said.

Outdoor WeddingTypes of Wedding Venues

Outdoor wedding plans

Nowadays the brides want to organize their marriage outdoor, to try something different from traditional weddings. Holding your marriage outdoor in the open ground, backyard, on the peak of the mountain, or a seashore creates a romantic atmosphere. The best decoration for the wedding is natural topography, and sight which adds natural beauty.

Planning an Outdoor Wedding

An open field is one of the incredible locations for weddings. But if the climate suddenly changes then, everything will get spoiled, so plan everything practically.  Here are some beautiful outdoor wedding locations:

  1. Seaside

Seaside is the best location for outdoor weddings.  But check that you have all the legal permissions so that no issues arise if you conduct a wedding on the public beach. There are many restaurants near the seaside, and you can easily find the best one to make your guests comfortable and make arrangements to hold up guests till the wedding reception.

  1. The Backyard Wedding

If you own a big backyard or know someone who has one, you can easily plan a budget-friendly outdoor wedding. You only have to arrange a large tent and beautiful decoration.

  1. The Regional City Park

In the cities, people are most likely to set weddings in the park or garden. Some people conduct a rose garden and some people in another garden as they like.

Advantages of an outdoor wedding

Today, everyone wants to make their wedding destination very special, although there are many advantages of a destination meeting, some of them still have the following benefits

  1. Natural beauty

The beauty of nature attracts everyone. After all, there is different magic in the environment, which keeps you connected with life. It is what happens in an outdoor wedding.

Natural Beauty plays a considerable role in an outdoor wedding. You can surround everything by nature, which will make it even more special and lovely for your celebrations.

  1. Plenty of space

It is the most significant benefit of an outdoor wedding because you do not have any complaints about the place, here you can do all the work of your mind which is necessary for your wedding.  More and more people can gather on such a destination, yet it will not create any kind of suffocating atmosphere. Instead, the environment will be fresh and friendly.

In other words, outdoor space is not restricted by walls, so it has more area to accommodate a more extensive guest list.  It is more suitable for a family-friendly wedding, as children can run around without colliding and breaking things.  Of course, everything depends on the venue of your choice.  A public garden, for example, is much more spacious than a private one.

  1. Casual atmosphere

It plays the most crucial role in an outdoor wedding because, at weddings, the atmosphere is often not right due to more people coming in. The outdoor wedding does not have all these problems. It is a lovely and quite comfortable wedding so that after the big celebration, everyone can reduce fatigue and troubles.

Disadvantages of Outdoor Weddings

  1. Unpredictable weather

Climatic changes or weather changes often occur during weddings, causing a lot of difficulty in marriages.  In the Outdoor Wedding, you are not prepared for climatic change at all. An outdoor wedding is very much disturbed due to the weather change and can ruin the celebrations. This problem is the biggest one.

  1. Uninvited critters

Outdoor wedding venues are mostly closed during the non-wedding season, due to which many insects make their home there. Later, when the wedding season comes, those insects disrupt the wedding festival. Due to macacos, guests who come to weddings have a lot of trouble as many times children and older adults can get very upset due to insects.

  1. Extra costs

The most crucial thing about an outdoor wedding that hurts us the most is their expensive financial budget. There is no doubt that outdoor weddings are costly. Many expenses in it are much more than a regular wedding, such as security money for everything from you to various other facilities. 

Inflation is at a peak, and there is no fixed budget in the outdoor wedding business. Many times they make their own arbitrary money, which can be a big problem for the one who plans to have one.


There are many things that you should consider before choosing any location for an outdoor wedding. Also, plan the budget beforehand and then decide anything for your wedding. It’s a big day, so make sure everything is perfect.

We have made a list of everything that you should take care of while making arrangements for your wedding and also a guide on how to make the place look alive and beautiful.

We hope that you have got an idea for an outdoor wedding. Thank you for reading our guide on tips for an outdoor wedding. We hope you have a beautiful outdoor wedding experience.

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