Ways to Make your Photos look Professional

Clicking and uploading photos on social media has become the newest trend. Every occasion or even a normal day out with family or friends start with clicking photos. We all want perfect photos that look professional worthy enough to upload on Instagram, Facebook and get our friend’s and followers’ likes and attention! If you’re a blogger or a normal person and want to click photos that look professional here are some pro tips for you!

Dark background

A black or very dark background is one of the ways you can make your photos look professional. You can get a picture as good as a professional photoshoot all you have to do is wear your perfect dress and pose in front of a black wall or background. Use flash according to the lighting around. For girls light and natural makeup with perfect attire and some cool poses like leaning on the wall or sitting down in different styles can get you a perfect picture. Make sure you have a plain, dark and clean background and give a perfect professional touch to your photo. You can use this tip for food photography as well.

Natural light

Always click pictures where there is good lighting. Natural light is the best kind of lighting to click pictures. Go out in the sun to get a perfect, clear and a flawless picture without any professional camera or a skilled person. Always pay attention to where the light and the shadows fall this reflects a lot on the quality of the picture. Even a regular smartphone can capture professional-like photos if clicked in a good natural lighting!

Editing tools

Edit like a pro! You can give a professional look to your photo even after clicking it. Use the cool filters available on Instagram and iOS 13. Keep the brightness normal and adjust the contrast, backlight and then use some sober filters to make your pictures look attractive and professional at the same time.

Get the perfect angle

The most important thing while clicking a photo is the angle between your face and the camera. There is always a perfect angle to click a perfect picture. One of the best tips to click a professional photo is to keep the camera down and pose such that your entire body is captured.

Put the focus point on the subject

Always focus on the subject. Put the focus of the camera of the phone on whatever you’re trying to capture the most your face, hair, you can also focus on the background if it’s beautiful and blur yourself. Keep your focus on one object rather than aiming to focus on the entire pictures. A picture looks professional if it has maximum quality this can be done by focusing on the subject.

Correct Exposure

Exposure means the brightness or darkness of a picture. It’s probably the most basic and the most important factor to consider while clicking a photo. You can control the exposure of a photo in three ways: aperture, ISO, and shutter speed.

Suppose you are taking a picture of a person on a bright sunny day you know that the face is far more important than the background, so you will brighten the exposure for the face and let the background go bright thus control the exposure accordingly to get a perfect balance between the background and the face.


After clicking the photo while editing it make the sharpness crisp so as to make your photo look clear and sharp as though it’s taken using a professional camera. You can increase the sharpness of the photo using Instagram’s editing tools.

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Different apps to make your photos look professional

These are the few apps you can use to edit your photos and give them a better and professional look. Snap speed by google you can straighten, sharpen and color correct easily. The Priime app: Priime has filters inspired by popular photographers. It also has an algorithm that analyzes your photo and recommends filters that would look best.
Image blender app: You sometimes are stuck between two filters, you wish you could combine two filters, you can with Image Blender! Download these apps to enhance the overall look of your photos.

We all want our photos to look perfect and professional but don’t have the pro tools and time for photoshoots. Here are some tricks you can use to get perfect pictures with your smartphone itself. Use these tips and tricks and get the desired clicks. Click pictures in natural light or use a plain or dark background, adjust the exposure and focus on the main subject then use appropriate editing tools and filters and get ready to upload the perfect picture on any social media! You can also download various apps available for advanced editing. Use some sassy captions to enhance
the overall feel of the picture!

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