Wedding Photography Ideas: 15 Awesome Snaps you Shouldn’t Miss!

Regardless of where you are or what sort of event you’re making, have these thoughts to help take awesome snaps. Our list of 15 wedding photography ideas can help you any moment when you’re stuck in the party business rut and if you’re willing to go back out into the creative, expressive, client-pleasing self. While taking a shot, make use of negative space to make the family stand out. Keeping the frame easy ensures the emphasis on the picture and it matters to take a brilliant shot.

Can you catch the first time a big fat Indian wedding? Were you worried about the clickable photos?

Don’t worry. We protected you.

Gone are the days when a photographer clicks on a lot of portrait clichés and group photos. Couples are looking for more realistic images these days that would narrate the story of their big day in the best possible way.

It is crucial each moment the couple spends during the wedding with their beloved ones. And of course, you’ve got to be watchful enough not to miss anything.

When wedding photography technology and style have shifted, people’s expectations about documenting the most significant day in their lives have also gone sky-high.

We would, therefore, like to draw your attention to this blog which discusses the big wedding shots a photographer should concentrate on at a wedding.

Minute shots info

That aspect of a marriage is equally important-from invitation cards to wedding rings. These little teensy specifics have a discernible charm. An album full of people on its own wouldn’t add an elegant appeal to a wedding album — yes, wedding photography trends have shifted.

Select the striking ornaments of the bride, lehenga, the wedding wear and accessories of the groom, the bridal bouquets and jaimalas or garlands and other similar items which are the important elements of a wedding.

Getting ready


A must-have is casual and realistic photographs of the bride and groom getting ready. Try with her bridesmaids to capture some funny snapshots of the bride while they glamorize her or the groom and his gang cracking jokes or having fun together.

Makeup photos

Bridal Makeup

Don’t miss the bride’s hairdo and makeup photos straight after she gets decked. You get to capture the bride’s fresh, elegant, and beautiful portraits that would be the best for a distinctly soothing story about a wedding.

Once the wedding is over, she will be exhausted and her makeup and hair will look sluggish which will eventually give you comparatively sluggish photos.



Watching a bride twirling after she’s getting dressed up is super cute. Twirling is the best way to get a perfect picture of her wedding wear and she will, of course, look extremely happy to do it. In fact, just before the wedding ceremonies begin, they say, the moments are kind of a favorite for brides.

Parents and Siblings

Another photo you ought to click is the one where the bride and groom spend time with their parents and siblings. For a bride or groom, they are quite special moments and close to the heart. Catch those precious moments, without failing to give the whole wedding story an emotional brush.

Shots of the Bride as well as the Groom

Bride and Groom

The unique individual poses of the bride and the groom are a must. Try different angles and ideas that haven’t been experimented by pros before to bring out the personality of both of them.

Decorated wedding venue

wedding decor

As you all know, Indians are spending a crazy amount of money on wedding venue decoration. Themed wedding venues are millennials ‘ favorites. So ensure you get the perfect pictures of the location. Equally preferred are pictures of the mandap and reception area, with and without people.

Royal Entry

Royal entry

One of the most beautiful sights of a wedding is a bride walking down the aisle, or a bride brought to the mandap under a Chaadar or in a palanquin like in the old days.

Tying the knot

Tying the knot

And the crucial part of a wedding has come — to tie the knot together and exchange garlands. This is the time to get the bride and groom’s best candid shots and their romantic looks.

Post-wedding candid shots


Never, particularly after the wedding ceremonies are over, be away from the couple. They’ll reward you with some really sweet, unfailingly tranquilizing moments.

Cheerful conversations, kisses of the forehead, holding each other’s hands, laughing at each other’s jokes, the bride leaning on the shoulders of the groom, etc. may be included in the wedding story that you are knitting.

Entry to the reception

Nowadays couples are planning their wedding reception with a friendly and funky entrance. This sets the place in a mood for entertainment.

Spend time with the little ones

Pictures of the couple at the wedding with the little ones are timeless.

Fun, Dance, and Entertainment

Be at the wedding with the guests to dance, have fun and enjoy the day at its finest for some of the best snaps of them.

Vidaai and Heartfelt Emotions

For the bride and her family, Vidaai is the toughest part of a wedding. Nevertheless, it is worth catching such moments as they are important for a lifetime.

Bride and the Groom with the Guests

parents and sblings

Unlike in the older times, with their friends, photographers, as well as couples, tend to get candid shots of both. The little chit chats, dancing together, taking selfies, playing some fun games-all these unplanned moments are going to do wonders for you and your phone.

There’s no limit to clicking on wedding photos. Yet note, the aforementioned snapshots are a must if you cover an Indian wedding according to current trend and fashion.

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